About DSP

Publisher: Hey y’all! My name is Stephen. I am the co-founder of Dead Squirrel Productions and the current Publisher. I grew up as an Auburn fan in North Alabama and graduated from Auburn with a degree in education and anthropology. I currently work odd jobs in New York City as I strive to wrap up the stories I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. DSP is always open to queries for publication/collaboration. We also thrive off constructive criticisms and questions about our works. If interested, email me at sblundy0019@gmail.com. Otherwise, see below for more details about DSP!

Origin: Dead Squirrel Productions was founded by a couple of kids goofing off in North Alabama. Those kids, Chris Smith and Stephen Lundy, started a Youtube channel that would absolutely fail to go viral but would succeed in growing to incorporate the creativity a whole bunch of other goons. Years later, Stephen started this website in the spirit of their old shenanigans and imagination to make a home for his – and his comrade’s – creative endeavors.

View on Open Access: DSP is a strong supporter of open access publication as it’s co-founder – Stephen Lundy – strongly believes in the communal ownership of art. That said, we also believe in giving credit where credit is due. All works published by DSP may be accessed for free with respect to the original creators. Merch and events etc. may cost money – our artists would love to art full time – but we strongly believe the books, visual art, music, videos, and everything in between should not be hidden from the public behind a price barrier.