Civilist Dictionary

Many political terms – especially those ending in “ism” – tend to be defined differently by different people. Just because there are multiple definitions for the same word doesn’t mean that all but one of these definitions are wrong. Few words mean exactly the same thing to me as they do to you.

If I said the word “dog”, you would likely know what I was talking about. However, you’d probably imagine your own dog or a dog you saw recently where as I would probably imagine a completely different dog. This typically isn’t a big deal but it can be when you are talking politics. My definition of a Nazi probably differs from a Nazi’s definition of a Nazi, right?

The point of this dictionary is to clear up any misunderstandings. There are certain political terms that I tend to use in a warped but specific way that may not exactly sync up with what the term implies when used by the majority of Americans. I’ll try and link these terms to their corresponding dictionary page whenever they come up throughout the Manifesto but I’ll also link to their pages below.