1. Mission Statement
  2. Content
  3. Preamble
    • The mainstream philosophy and culture of the USA’s society and economy isn’t sustainable nor benevolent.
    • The global system that the powerful peoples and states have created isn’t sustainable nor benevolent.
    • Humanity and life on Earth face an expiration date – whether it be by our own hands or by Mother Nature’s.
    • Solution: Civilism and the Path of Moderation
  4. Body
    • Republics can channel our natural self-preserving individualistic behavior into unnatural benevolent collectivist behavior.
    • Our own republic (USA) has been becoming more and more republican but it must continue to do so less we regress.
    • To progress, we must continue implement socialist policies democratically into our capitalist system, otherwise we risk social upheaval when the growing impoverished oppose the shrinking prosperous.
    • Civilism, as a moderate philosophy, can guide us in this process.
  5. Pillars of the Path of Moderation
    1. Moderation
    2. Kindness
    3. Nonviolence
    4. Caring
    5. Optimism
    6. Skepticism
    7. Hardwork
    8. Honor the Generous, Respect the Poor, Shame the Rich
    9. Republicanism
    10. Metabolic Independency
  6. Articles of Civilism
    • The Cult of the Republic – Public education should develop competent republican citizens, facilitating the inquiry, investigation, and decision making skills required of voting citizens and acting as community centers. These goals should be pursued for both students and graduates. Penitentiaries should be oriented more towards a similar goal as public education rather than focused on applying punitive measures (it is wasteful to remove the potential of a citizen to benefit society).
      • Nothing is perfect – our history shows just how true this statement is in regards to our own republic. Republics must be continually refined. New solutions must be developed to combat both old and new problems within the republic – this is why inquiry, investigation, and decision making skills must be developed in new generations and regularly practices by older generations.
    • Republican Corporations – Political power has been republicanized around the world, yet, economic power has yet to be freed from hereditary regimes. Laborers should have a republican voice in their management, otherwise, management can only be held accountable by the consumer leaving the laborers trapped, voiceless, in what is essentially wage slavery.
      • Wage Ratios – If those with higher skilled jobs and more responsibilities see their wages rise, then so too should the wages of those with lower skilled jobs. A ratio can keep these incomes proportionate to the labor. However, to be successfully implemented, this would require Republican Corporations. Alone, a wage ratio system is no less exploitable than a minimum wage or a free market system.
  7. Civilist Dictionary
    1. Collectivism and Individualism
    2. Republicanism