What is Fatebound?

Fatebound is a series of novels by Seth Pen. It is a fantasy/scifi set in an alternate universes consisting of three known solar systems: the Sun, Solaris, and Delia. The story follows a multitude of characters and their tales as they intertwine to save their world. War, love, magic, time travel, and fate combine as civilization opposes chaos in life’s pursuit for immortality.

What should I know before I start reading? Three things:

  1. Start with Volume 3.
  2. Joe’s life on Earth is left intentionally vague because this is not the typical fantasy novel. In this story, though the protagonist is somewhat lost, disillusioned with his life on Earth, he comes from a life of privilege. Only once the story unfolds does he begin to experience true conflict, struggle, and misfortune. It is his extreme unfamiliarity with injustice that makes Joe the perfect character for the reader to follow as they are introduced to Fatebound.
  3. Chapters are spliced with “Tales” that include important lore to understanding the full plot of Fatebound but – as you get started, this lore will probably bore you the fuck out – you may just want to skim these sections. The lore is split with portions of dialogue where Joe or other characters ask for clarity, these small portions often include more pertinent information, information that specifically pertain to Volume 3’s plot – so if you do chose to skim, those tangents may be the only sections you really need to swallow.

How Can I Be a Part of Fatebound?

NOTE FOR ALL INTERESTED ARTISTS: The original Fatebound series will be published in novel form, however, we are looking for artists to reproduce the books into graphic novel form and – eventually, animated or live action TV or Movie form. We are also interested in artists willing to depict scenes or characters. Anyone interested in drawing for the Fatebound series should email sblundy0019@gmail.com (This is Stephen Lundy’s email, he will then get in contact with Seth Pen) a query complete with a handful of examples that should adequately display the inquirer’s artistic style and ability.

 – – –

FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT ERRORS! All critiques, if you leave your name, will get mentioned in the book if it is ever printed in paperback form. For now, your name will be mentioned below!

SPECIAL THANKS TO – Nancy Lundy, Joe Lundy, Taylor Hill



5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Adrian Majerle

    Hey, Stephen. I’m going to do some reading on here and see what you’ve been doing. I’ve recently doing more writing recently including a one act stage play. I’m a little stuck now, but I’ll figure out how to break through.

    1. admin Post author

      I just had a break through when I started hand writing my stuff again. You might wanna try that if you don’t already. And that’s awesome, I suck at plays.

      1. Boiler_devil

        How can i contact the creator of this production, if you read this, my name is Michael Parrish, you might hopefully remember this– last year we sat adjacent to each other on a plane on our way to cruise ship that would later go through Alaska, i sat there with a laptop and a drawing pad, you sat in the adjacent seat with a notebook, you told me about this website and to send in some drawings, I always thought a bout it but until now i never took the time, I’m dearly amazed to what I’ve found and i hope to contact you at some point

        1. admin Post author

          YO! Great to hear from you! I remember this! My email is sbl0009@auburn.edu! I will unfortunately be out of the country and probably unable to access internet from June 2 til about June 20 but I’ll do my best to respond and I would really love to discuss ways that you’re interested in participating!

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