What is Fatebound?

Fatebound is a series of stories by Seth Pen. It is a fantasy/scifi set in alternate universes consisting of three known solar systems: the Sun, Solaris, and Delia. The story follows a multitude of characters and their tales as they intertwine to save the universe. War, love, magic, with just a lil bit of time travel but a whole lotta fate combine as civilization opposes chaos in life’s pursuit for immortality.


Short Stories:

  • The Hunted
  • The Hunters


  • Journey of the Sun Child: Sunset
  • Journey of the Sun Child: Sunrise
  • Legend of the Samurai: Summoning

How Can I Be a Part of Fatebound?

NOTE FOR ALL INTERESTED VISUAL ARTISTS: The original Fatebound series will be published in novel form, however, we are looking for artists to reproduce the books into graphic novel form and – eventually, animated or live action TV or film. We are also interested in artists willing to depict scenes or characters. Anyone interested in drawing for the Fatebound series should email sblundy0019@gmail.com (This is Stephen Lundy’s email, Seth Pen is off the grid) a query complete with a handful of examples that should adequately display the inquirer’s artistic style and ability.

HOW TO CONTACT SETH PEN? Your best bet is through DSP Publisher Stephen Lundy (sblundy0019@gmail.com).

FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT ERRORS! All critiques, if you leave your name, will get mentioned in the book if it is ever printed in paperback/hardback form. For now, your name will be mentioned below and in the eBooks! Email critiques to sblundy0019@gmail.com (DSP Publisher Stephen Lundy’s email)

SPECIAL THANKS TO – Nancy Lundy, Bo Lundy, Joe Lundy, Taylor Hill

AND Chris Smith for first breathing life to my stupid ass words.



5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Adrian Majerle

    Hey, Stephen. I’m going to do some reading on here and see what you’ve been doing. I’ve recently doing more writing recently including a one act stage play. I’m a little stuck now, but I’ll figure out how to break through.

    1. admin Post author

      I just had a break through when I started hand writing my stuff again. You might wanna try that if you don’t already. And that’s awesome, I suck at plays.

      1. Boiler_devil

        How can i contact the creator of this production, if you read this, my name is Michael Parrish, you might hopefully remember this– last year we sat adjacent to each other on a plane on our way to cruise ship that would later go through Alaska, i sat there with a laptop and a drawing pad, you sat in the adjacent seat with a notebook, you told me about this website and to send in some drawings, I always thought a bout it but until now i never took the time, I’m dearly amazed to what I’ve found and i hope to contact you at some point

        1. admin Post author

          YO! Great to hear from you! I remember this! My email is sbl0009@auburn.edu! I will unfortunately be out of the country and probably unable to access internet from June 2 til about June 20 but I’ll do my best to respond and I would really love to discuss ways that you’re interested in participating!

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