What is Fatebound?

Fatebound is a series of stories by Seth Pen. It is a fantasy/sci-fi that paints a political picture by satirizing our modern reality with elves, dwarves, dark magic, and some other bullshit.


(in chronological order)

The Gahiji Duology (Short Stories)

  • The Hunted
    • While hunting an infamous necromancer, the Imperial Detective Gahiji Phinn finds himself in the midst of a mystery in a small mountain village plagued by a blizzard and an occupying militia.
    • Read Online (in Browser)
    • The Hunted (Word Doc)
    • The Hunted (PDF)
  • The Hunters
    • After being born and raised by a monastery of assassins, Lalmly has graduated and obtained her first mission: retrieving the legendary Gustbow and saving a village of shadowmancers. The only issue? Lalmly despises shadowmancers.
    • Read Online (in Browser)
    • The Hunters (Word Doc)
    • The Hunters (PDF)

Samurai Duology (Novels) Debuting Soon (Summer 2024), first Chapter out now!

Sun Child Trilogy (Novels) Rereleasing Soon!

  • Journey of the Sun Child: Sunset & Journey of the Sun Child: SunriseAn average Joe takes on saving an alien planet of elves, dwarves, and Knomes (not gnomes). From under water kingdoms to frozen strongholds, up ever ascending towers and through a city in the eye of a hurricane, across underworld ruins and trap filled volcano dungeons – Joe and his friends weave in and out of prophecies on a quest to make the world – scratch that, the universe! – a better place!View or Download Sunset Here:
    • Sunset: Google Play (Coming Soon!)
    • Sunset: Amazon/Kindle (Coming Soon!)
    • Sunset: PDF
    • Sunset: Word Document

    View or Download Sunrise Here:

    • Sunrise: Google Play (Coming Soon!)
    • Sunrise: Amazon/Kindle (Coming Soon!)
    • Sunrise: PDF
    • Sunrise: Word Document

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Adrian Majerle

    Hey, Stephen. I’m going to do some reading on here and see what you’ve been doing. I’ve recently doing more writing recently including a one act stage play. I’m a little stuck now, but I’ll figure out how to break through.

    1. admin Post author

      I just had a break through when I started hand writing my stuff again. You might wanna try that if you don’t already. And that’s awesome, I suck at plays.

      1. Boiler_devil

        How can i contact the creator of this production, if you read this, my name is Michael Parrish, you might hopefully remember this– last year we sat adjacent to each other on a plane on our way to cruise ship that would later go through Alaska, i sat there with a laptop and a drawing pad, you sat in the adjacent seat with a notebook, you told me about this website and to send in some drawings, I always thought a bout it but until now i never took the time, I’m dearly amazed to what I’ve found and i hope to contact you at some point

        1. admin Post author

          YO! Great to hear from you! I remember this! My email is sbl0009@auburn.edu! I will unfortunately be out of the country and probably unable to access internet from June 2 til about June 20 but I’ll do my best to respond and I would really love to discuss ways that you’re interested in participating!

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