Artist? Join the team!

How Can I Be a Part of Fatebound?

NOTE FOR ALL INTERESTED VISUAL ARTISTS: The original Fatebound series will be published in novel form, however, we are looking for artists to reproduce the books into graphic novel form and – eventually, animated or live action TV or film. We are also interested in artists willing to depict scenes or characters. Anyone interested in drawing for the Fatebound series should email (This is Stephen Lundy’s email, Seth Pen is off the grid) a query complete with a handful of examples that should adequately display the inquirer’s artistic style and ability.

HOW TO CONTACT SETH PEN? Your best bet is through DSP Publisher Stephen Lundy (

FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT ERRORS! All critiques, if you leave your name, will get mentioned in the book if it is ever printed in paperback/hardback form. For now, your name will be mentioned below and in the eBooks! Email critiques to (DSP Publisher Stephen Lundy’s email)

SPECIAL THANKS TO – Nancy Lundy, Bo Lundy, Joe Lundy, Taylor Hill

AND Chris Smith for first breathing life to my stupid ass words.