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Fatebound: Journey of the Sun Child (Books 1-4)

An average Joe takes on saving an alien planet of elves, dwarves, and Knomes (not gnomes). From under water kingdoms to frozen strongholds, up ever ascending towers and through a city in the eye of a hurricane, across underworld ruins and trap filled volcano dungeons – Joe and his friends weave in and out of prophecies on a quest to make the world – scratch that, the universe! – a better place!

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By Chris Smith

By Chris Smith

What should I know before I start reading? Four things:

  1. This is a FINAL rough draft! Reader’s opinions and critiques may change bits and pieces here and there, but the plot and content will remain essentially unchanged.
  2. Start with Volume 2 – Journey of the Sun Child. Volume 1 will be more of a prequel and has not been released yet.
  3. About the “Tales” – Chapters are spliced with “Tales” that include important lore but as you get started, you may just want to skim these sections. The lore is split with portions of dialogue where characters ask for clarity or argue over the truth of the tale, these small portions often include more immediately important information so, if you do chose to skim, those tangents may be the only sections you really need to swallow. That said, the lore does help one grasp the politics and the people at play in the story – and there are a lot of people – so as you read further into Joe’s adventure in Journey of the Sun Child you will likely become more and more curious about the secrets revealed in the lore.
  4. Glossary and Maps – The books have glossaries and maps included however once you download/print your copy, I won’t be able to update it. Rather than redownloading or printing your copy, you can always check back here, in the Appendix!


Fatebound: Fall of the Samurai (Book 1 & 2) Rough Draft Sneak Peak!

In trouble with the law, a lonely theif and a rebellious smith team up, making a deal with a band of vigilantes in hopes of finding wealth and purpose in a world full of warriors. Meanwhile, a young dogherder is hired to recover a stray prince in the dangerous jungles of Munkloe.