Catagon and the Five Legged Spider

As the sun sank behind the window sills and the light bulbs dimmed, darkness descended upon the small town house and its owner, the cat.

Catagon walked quietly on the soft ground that covered the floor. Her tiny swift black and orange paws pressed the familiar soft ground down beneath her feet. She prowled through the shadows, searching for one thing: the creator of the horrible growling noise. Her eyes, with pupils the size of the moon, watched for this creature but for now could only hear it. Catagon stopped, her tail flicking this way and that with her growing curiosity. She saw it.

A five legged spider-like creature crawled over the edge of the plateau above her and she froze, her tail a stiff rod. The creature moved again, each agile leg was thick and pale white against the dark layers of fabric that covered the strange land formation. Catagon’s back leg muscles twitched once and then she pounced on the spider beast. She easily leapt up to its height and smacked it with one clawed paw and bit down with her tiny sharp teeth on one of the creature’s legs. The growling suddenly stopped and there was silence except for the quiet swish of the strange machine above that’s fins circled all throughout the night. Then the beast roared, the spider creature was pulled back into the darkness, and a mountain appeared before Catagon throwing a drape of darkness, darker than the night, over her, blinding her for a second.

“GET OFF MY BED!” Roared the mountain and Catagon, who didn’t understand the mysterious language, understood the tone and dove off the plateau, out of the dark room, off of the soft fluffy ground, and onto the hard floor that was safety.